What are the unique features of fastcomet hosting

If you are looking for just the right guide about fast comet then this is the right place where you are going to have ultimate guide about the features and other qualities of the hosting.

Let’s have a look at what unique features are available in fastcomet hosting services which make it best among all.


The best thing about the fast comet is that they are able to control it from the 7 different regions. If something is happening with the hosting or things are not right then they can solve it from any center.

The locations of their centers are in Chicago, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dallas, London, and Singapore. You can choose the best center which is near you to avail the best speed and services. They are providing power back-up to all the clients as well.

Price Plan

The price plan of the fast comet is also amazing. They are giving basic plan at the rate of $2.95 basic, intermediate at the rate of $6.95/month and advanced plan at the rate of $12.95/month.

They have suitable packages as well as they are going to give you proper attention when you want to discuss something regarding your work to them. They have the ability to manage the workload on the server equally.

Daily Backup

They are providing daily backup to the client to save their data so in a case of any mishap or they are going to lose it from their computers then they will get it on a server.

This daily backup service to the clients is going to give you a lot of advantage and you will enjoy having their services all the time. You will be able to run the website with great services as well as no fear of losing data. The team of fast comet keeps your data confidential.

Control Area

Many people like to control their web hosting services from their phone and now it’s possible. Fastcomet is providing a major platform to the clients who don’t have time to spend on computers and who just want to have quick services.

Now, no matter where you are sitting but you can control the website by using this hosting site. The size of the screen will be according to the device and there will be no problem from any device.

Customer Support

Customer support of fast comet is quite fast. You don’t have to wait for a long time when you are in hurry and when you want them to solve your problem.

The team of a fast comet is going to solve your problem as soon as possible and you don’t have to go through it again. The customer support is efficient and cooperative to the client.

Page Loading

Page loading feature of the fast comet is amazing. Your clients who are visiting the website will not face the issue of speed, they will get the best speed especially when they are living near the centers. The page they are trying to open will load in no time.

 What are the unique features of fastcomet hosting