Mastering Plugins

Top 7 Best Mastering Plugins in 2020

When you have finished mixing your vocals and beats, you need the right mastering to make your tracks sound professional. Finding the right mastering plugins for your type of music can be tricky and sometimes pricey. This plugin guide will help you find the best plugins to use for your music in 2020.

Ozone 9 Standard

Ozone is a popular mastering suite among independent artists that offers you plenty of tools to work with. You can use EQ, pre and post-compression, saturation, and limiter plugins to make your music sound like how you want it. Ozone is a good tool for beginners but can also help advanced level engineers to come up with well-mastered projects.

Ozone 9 Standard

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

FabFilter provides one of the best EQs present in the market for beginners. You can make easy cuts and large boosts in your tracks without compromising on the quality of your song. You can make large boosts without ruining the tone of your song. It is a great mastering plugin that should be on your list while buying plugins.

Brainworx bx_digital V3

Brainworx is one of the best plugin developers in music production. Bx_digital V3 provides a ton of features with a massive EQ. Its mid and side EQing provides plenty of features for mastering your sound. It is a really helpful mastering plugin for mid and high-level mastering to individually fix the sounds.

Cytomic The Glue

This might be the best affordable plugin in this list due to its special quality of making a track sound like a whole with easy steps. It is a compressor that is perfect for compiling the track together. Making all instruments feel like a single sound is a great quality of this plugin.

Sonoris mastering compressor

If you want to work on your peaks without changing the tone and volume of your track, then this compressor from Sonoris is what you should be looking for. This mastering compressor provides natural mastering settings so you will not notice much difference between your actual track and the mastered version.

Softube Curve Bender

Softube Curve Bender

This curve bender is one of the favorite tools for sound engineers to master their tracks. Curve Bender is offered several hits to the music industry, and now you can use it digitally in your DAWs at affordable prices. Softube has replicated the functions of the original Curve Bender carefully to provide the same quality of sound even on the computer.

Brainworx bx_masterdesk

Bx_masterdesk is an ultimate tool for making mastered tracks without ruining the sound quality. Brainworx can make mastering fast and easy, and every part of bx_mastering is engineered to be speedy. You can choose different levels of presets to master your track with a tasteful quality. This tool may not be the best for the advanced level sound engineers as it does not offer much flexibility with the controls, but for beginners, this is what they need.