Does your project need a web designer or developer?

When you are trying to hire a person who is going to build your website but you are confused whether you should hire a developer or a designer? If it’s also a confusion for you then here are the answers to all your questions.

Let’s go through the difference between develop vs designer.


When you need to call some function on your website like you want to do some work on the server then you need a developer for your website. The developer is the one who is responsible for working on your server.

When you need some kind of color changing, content changing and pattern changing in your website then you should go for the web designer who is going to change the look of your website. Web development services are able to provide you best functions and maintenance all the time.


In case you don’t know, the work of a developer is to create the foundation of the website and to make sure that your website works perfectly on your server. If you need to create a website from the scratch then you need a developer for this work.

If you need color and pattern changing in your website then you need a designer. Like after building the foundation of the home you need paint and designing in the home. In the same way, you need designing after building the foundation.

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A developer is responsible for maintaining the website. If something is wrong on your website and your website is not working properly for the audience then the developer is going to fix that and he will make sure that server is working properly.

On the other hand, the designer is not able to manage the website properly. If there is any fault in the function or in the server then the designer is not able to manage it and he needs a developer to find the fault in the coding of the website.


When you need some software on your website then you should go for the developer. Developers know how to deal with the software and how they can run it on the website in order to receive and send the e-mails from the client.

At the time of dealing with any kind of software, you don’t need a designer for the website. The designer can’t deal with the website and they are not able to run the software while you need some kind of software for the extra functions.


When you are creating a website, which needs a payment option and other options through which you can start online selling and buying then you need a developer.

A developer is able to customize the whole website when you need something out of the box. They can maintain the payment options for a long time and you can start trading through the website.

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While you need to hire a designer for the designing of your customization of your website. How your website is going to look like without colors and patterns? In this case, you need a designer for the best appearance.…