Experts weigh in on the top platforms for ecommerce stores

We have seen a great innovation and increasingly powerful features in the e-commerce platforms. This has all become possible due to the increasing demands of customers and growing competition. If you’re looking to find the best e-commerce platform for your needs, you must keep a few important things into your mind.

Google made an announcement in May 2016 that the number of product searches has surprisingly increased on the mobiles as compared to desktop. After this announcement, all the companies started focusing on the mobile commerce more than the desktop.

This gave a boost to the mobile shopping experience. You’ll definitely be putting yourself at a great risk from the beginning if you are not starting with a “mobile first” approach.

It also appeared during the past year that the social media sales have increased amazingly as compared to other sources. So, you must also put all your focus on social shares and social media campaigns.

The growing simplicity of the e-commerce platforms has made it easier for the non-technical people to jump into this business. There are many e-commerce platforms that are providing excellent services to a wide range of entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some of the top e-commerce platforms that can provide excellent results to an ecommerce SEO expert.


Shopify is one of the most famous and widely used e-commerce platforms with its focus on mobile shopping and social commerce. They are hosting around 325,000 active online shops. They are trying their best to fulfill the growing needs of online stores. They have a wide range of themes available that you can choose to run your online store.

They provide you the ability to extend your store’s functionality with a wide range of plugins that they have available on their store. The best part about this platform is that they enable you to sell your products directly on Facebook as you can easily connect your Facebook page with the store.

They provide you 24/7 support via tutorials, phone, and live chat. And they have a forum of their own that you can visit to find the answer to your specific question.


Another most popular e-commerce platform that was introduced in 2009. They are among the top e-commerce software providers and they are hosting more than 55,000 online stores which is a really big achievement in this fastest growing market.

This platform can ideally run the stores of all sizes. BigCommerce is an ideal option for those who don’t have extensive knowledge of BigCommerce and it is also an amazing solution for those who don’t have enough time to mess with the code. There is a wide range of built-in features including tax, coupons, newsletters, analytics, shipping, and more.

The reason why it is more valuable as compared to Shopify is that it doesn’t charge any fee for transactions. All the themes they have in their store are mobile-friendly and responsive. They integrate your store with Google shopping, eBay, Facebook and a range of comparison sites.

 Experts weigh in on the top platforms for ecommerce stores