How web design for E-commerce has evolved over the years and what you need to do in 2018?

The internet world is growing very fast and we’re experiencing new changes every day. Every day new technologies are being introduced and the old technologies are constantly getting updated. When it comes to talking about the websites, we see that we’re moving towards advancement very fast. The dynamical view of the websites and e-commerce are some remarkable changes in this world.

E-commerce websites have brought a great change in this world. People are making new websites every day and promoting their products through this platform. Those who have been selling their services in the e-commerce world for the past few years understand that how fast this industry has moved from basics to advancement and it’s still growing.

If you’re looking to grow your e-commerce sales, you need to follow all the latest trends in e-commerce web designs. The web design standards have improved a lot from the past and you need to follow the latest trends if you want to dominate your competitors. Today, we’re going to talk about the remarkable changes in the e-commerce world and we’re going to take a look at how what changes you need to apply to your website in the future.


The menu style in the e-commerce websites is a little bit different as compared to other types of websites. In the beginning, there were no changes in the design of these websites. However, with the passage of time the menus have developed a lot and now you need to design your menu according to the latest standards.

The old and boring menus aren’t going to work anymore in the e-commerce world. If you want to attract your customers, you need to create the dynamic menus for the website. You can either choose to use some images in the menu or you can choose several attractive colors and gradients to attract your customers.

Overall view

The overall view of the e-commerce websites has also changed from the past as you can see that people used to sell their services by posting the attracting content on the website. Now, the trend has changed and most of the e-commerce websites are using visual content on the website as compared to the text.

The reason why they have made this change is that the customers get attracted to the visual content. So, if you want to increase your sales, you need to apply the attractive e-commerce content to your website.

You must take help from the top e-commerce web design companies such as Ecommerce Web Design in Miami. This will help you prepare an attractive design of the website.


The footer has also changed a lot. We used to see a number of links added in the footer of the websites. Now, there are many e-commerce websites that are using attractive and dynamic footer on their website. You must take a look at several dynamic websites to decide a design for your website.…

The best ways to advertise your business on Google in 2017

Google is one of the top platforms where you can advertise your business to get new customers. There are many other advertising networks available that also provide affordable services but the problem with those networks is that they are not as popular as Google. Some people try to compare Google Ads with the Facebook Ads which is nothing but a stupidity.

The reason why Google Ads are better than Facebook Ads is that Google is a search engine while Facebook is just an entertainment site where people only come to take some rest and spend some happy time.

Posting an Ad on Google will help you get more customers as compared to the Facebook Ads as Google is the platform where a user is searching exactly the services that you’re advertising so the chances are that user will get attracted to your product faster.

Make sure that you take some time to take a look at the OverTheTopSeo Guide Here if you want to learn more about the benefits of advertising your business on Google. Google allows you to advertise your business in different ways and each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we’re going to talk about the best ways that you can use to advertise your business on Google in 2017.

Display Ads

Display Ads are very popular these days where Google allows you to advertise your business in the form of a jpg, png, or gif image or also in the form of a video. These Ads are very popular and many new business owners are taking advantage of these days as they don’t have to spend any extra money to show their ads.

The problem that you may face with these ads is that you’ll get fewer customers as compared to the amount you’re spending.

The reason behind this problem is that these ads are usually shown on different websites where the user doesn’t pay enough attention to them and sometimes they get irritated due to these ads. That’s why you can’t get enough customers with these ads.

Link Ads

Link Ads are also very popular these days. These ads appear in the form of a link inside an article or sometimes behind an image. Whenever the user clicks the link, the amount is charged from your account.

These ads are a bit better than the display ads as they only deduct money from your account when someone clicks while the display ads deduct the amount from your account even if someone skips the ad.

Text Ads

Also known as search engine ads. These ads appear as a result of a specific keyword that you’re targeting. This is the most popular and most effective way of advertising your business on Google as Google will not deduct the money from your account unless the user buys something from your website.

And it only deducts a few pennies from your account if a user leaves the page without making a purchase. Click here and take a look at some more effective ways of advertising your business on Google.…

Experts weigh in on the top platforms for ecommerce stores

We have seen a great innovation and increasingly powerful features in the e-commerce platforms. This has all become possible due to the increasing demands of customers and growing competition. If you’re looking to find the best e-commerce platform for your needs, you must keep a few important things into your mind.

Google made an announcement in May 2016 that the number of product searches has surprisingly increased on the mobiles as compared to desktop. After this announcement, all the companies started focusing on the mobile commerce more than the desktop.

This gave a boost to the mobile shopping experience. You’ll definitely be putting yourself at a great risk from the beginning if you are not starting with a “mobile first” approach.

It also appeared during the past year that the social media sales have increased amazingly as compared to other sources. So, you must also put all your focus on social shares and social media campaigns.

The growing simplicity of the e-commerce platforms has made it easier for the non-technical people to jump into this business. There are many e-commerce platforms that are providing excellent services to a wide range of entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some of the top e-commerce platforms that can provide excellent results to an ecommerce SEO expert.


Shopify is one of the most famous and widely used e-commerce platforms with its focus on mobile shopping and social commerce. They are hosting around 325,000 active online shops. They are trying their best to fulfill the growing needs of online stores. They have a wide range of themes available that you can choose to run your online store.

They provide you the ability to extend your store’s functionality with a wide range of plugins that they have available on their store. The best part about this platform is that they enable you to sell your products directly on Facebook as you can easily connect your Facebook page with the store.

They provide you 24/7 support via tutorials, phone, and live chat. And they have a forum of their own that you can visit to find the answer to your specific question.


Another most popular e-commerce platform that was introduced in 2009. They are among the top e-commerce software providers and they are hosting more than 55,000 online stores which is a really big achievement in this fastest growing market.

This platform can ideally run the stores of all sizes. BigCommerce is an ideal option for those who don’t have extensive knowledge of BigCommerce and it is also an amazing solution for those who don’t have enough time to mess with the code. There is a wide range of built-in features including tax, coupons, newsletters, analytics, shipping, and more.

The reason why it is more valuable as compared to Shopify is that it doesn’t charge any fee for transactions. All the themes they have in their store are mobile-friendly and responsive. They integrate your store with Google shopping, eBay, Facebook and a range of comparison sites.…

How to add income to your software company through affiliates and customer reviews

Everything is based on the technology nowadays. We can’t move in the business if we are not connected to the world or if we don’t have something in our hands which can help us stay updated about the trends going on in the market regarding our specific field.

In the same way, software houses are mainly based on the new technologies. There are several ways that software companies are using to promote their services such as affiliate marketing and customer reviews. Let’s have a look how it is happening.


Affiliate marketing is an effective way of promoting the business these days and many software companies are offering the affiliate program to the people who want to join them. People who have a relevant, high-quality website can take part in the affiliate program of these companies and promote their business in different ways.

The software companies issue a specific link to their partner to promote their services and then they pay a specific amount to their partner when he brings a lead to them or helps them sell their products or services.

You can also take advantage of this system if you have your own software company. This will help you generate more sales and leads without having to worry about promoting your products because your partners will be there to promote your services.

The best part about this affiliate program is that you don’t pay a single penny unless your partner brings you a sale or a lead. So, there is no loss for the software company for starting an affiliate program to promote their products and services.

You need to be very careful when choosing your affiliate partners because there are several restrictions of Google that may get you in some trouble. So, the system you’re going to design for the approval of affiliate request should be according to the Google’s requirement. For wealthy affiliate review Click here to read more.


Customer reviews are extremely important to the online businesses. Every potential customer will first like to take a look at the reviews of your previous customers. Some of the software companies hire several individuals to post a review about their company.

It helps them attract new customers. Some companies hire people to post comments on different websites to share their review about the company. It is a way of driving a huge amount of traffic to your website and it will help you generate more leads.

When people are going to leave a positive comment on the site regarding product then, of course, Google will start ranking up the website and sites that are on the first page of Google always get more visitors and likes as compared to others.

The customer’s review option can also be turned on in the Google webmaster tools but before turning it on you need to be 100% sure that each customer will post a positive review about your services, otherwise, you’ll ruin your business.…

How to incorporate SEO best practices if you’re a web developer

As web designing became an important part of marketing services the role of the web designing company also grew. The process of creating a website required expert hands. Initially the website creation mainly needed the knowledge of HTML and basic flash software. But it is to be noted that at that time the main purpose of a website is information conveyance. People only used the website for knowing about the

concerned company and finding the contact details of the firm. But now the situation has changed drastically. As the online marketing process gained popularity the creation of websites also changed. The sites needed to meet some basic requirements to shine in the online marketing field.

Meeting the SEO obligations

The process of website designing and development has become immensely complex after the introduction of Search engine optimization. For websites to obtain the maximum number of visitors the site ranking has to be very high. According to one Miami SEO firm, about 35 percent of the visitors tend to click the website which ranks first in the search engine ranking. That means the number of visitors is directly proportional to the site ranking. To increase the site ranking certain things has to be considered during the creation of a website. Firstly the content should be high quality. Most of website design companies have a group of expert writers to create content. The content should have the required keyword density and duplicate content should be avoided.

Another important feature to be noted while creating websites is the timely and successive updating of web pages. Any pages left blank will have a negative impact on the website ranking. The maintenance activities of the site should be done timely and promptly. Implementation of a sitemap helps to improve the SEO qualities in addition to the ease it provides the viewers. Another additional feature is the social media connectivity of your website. This has become a very important feature as the role of SMO is very important in this time The likes and shares in social media plays a very important role in making the site robots to visit your site. All this has to be kept in mind while doing website design and development.

There are many companies who give special detailing in their word regarding the SEO practices. While choosing a website design company we need to conduct a background study and know the designing techniques followed by each There need to be a team of web designers and a team of writers in the company. These two teams work hand in hand to create the best websites. In addition there will be a graphics team to handle the user interface and themes. Their duty is to make the site most attractive and presentable. The website must be easily navigable and should be fast and easy loading.…

Why should you create your own site to promote your business?

If you’re a businessman and don’t have a website for your business then you’re living in the iron age and you’ll not be able to generate more and more revenue unless you create your own website.

We know that there are many ways that you can use to promote your business but we also know that those ways are expensive and they don’t generate much better results as a website can. If you don’t agree with us you may surf the internet or ask your circle of friends that whether a website is good for your business or not.

I’m sure that they’ll say that a website is a must for the growth of a business in the present era. It is the age of internet and you can’t survive if you cut off yourself from the internet. We know that there are some disadvantages of the internet as well but the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of running a website for your business:

Huge audience

Having a website helps you reach a lot more people as compared to the traditional promotional ways. Everyone uses the internet these days to find the solutions to their problems or to find a company from where they can buy the best products.

If you don’t have a website for your business you’ll lose a great number of potential customers. You can even win some international customers by having a website. Your business will get an identity among those who don’t even recognize your business.


Branding is really important for a business and a website can help you promote your business as a brand. You can also grow your audience from different social media platforms. You might be thinking that why do we need a website when social media can bring us a lot of new customers.

The answer is that most of the customers only trust the businesses that own a website otherwise, they stay away from such companies because a business without a website appears to be unofficial.

Less expensive option

The great part about website promotion is that it is a less expensive option to promote your business and a website provides you long-term results than any other way. All you need to do is purchase a domain name and the hosting service from a service provider. It doesn’t cost you enough money.

But if you don’t want to spend any money on creating a website and your business is in the initial steps, then you can choose the free options as well. There are many platforms where you can run your business website for free without spending any money such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly etc.

Wix is the best option to run your business website without any hassle. You should take some time to take a look at Wix Review. You can even buy a custom domain later once your business starts getting leads from the internet.…

Does your project need a web designer or developer?

When you are trying to hire a person who is going to build your website but you are confused whether you should hire a developer or a designer? If it’s also a confusion for you then here are the answers to all your questions.

Let’s go through the difference between develop vs designer.


When you need to call some function on your website like you want to do some work on the server then you need a developer for your website. The developer is the one who is responsible for working on your server.

When you need some kind of color changing, content changing and pattern changing in your website then you should go for the web designer who is going to change the look of your website. Web development services are able to provide you best functions and maintenance all the time.


In case you don’t know, the work of a developer is to create the foundation of the website and to make sure that your website works perfectly on your server. If you need to create a website from the scratch then you need a developer for this work.

If you need color and pattern changing in your website then you need a designer. Like after building the foundation of the home you need paint and designing in the home. In the same way, you need designing after building the foundation.

This link will provide you sufficient information about hiring a web development company.


A developer is responsible for maintaining the website. If something is wrong on your website and your website is not working properly for the audience then the developer is going to fix that and he will make sure that server is working properly.

On the other hand, the designer is not able to manage the website properly. If there is any fault in the function or in the server then the designer is not able to manage it and he needs a developer to find the fault in the coding of the website.


When you need some software on your website then you should go for the developer. Developers know how to deal with the software and how they can run it on the website in order to receive and send the e-mails from the client.

At the time of dealing with any kind of software, you don’t need a designer for the website. The designer can’t deal with the website and they are not able to run the software while you need some kind of software for the extra functions.


When you are creating a website, which needs a payment option and other options through which you can start online selling and buying then you need a developer.

A developer is able to customize the whole website when you need something out of the box. They can maintain the payment options for a long time and you can start trading through the website.

Click here to find some more information about hiring a web developer.

While you need to hire a designer for the designing of your customization of your website. How your website is going to look like without colors and patterns? In this case, you need a designer for the best appearance.…

Taking The Services Of A Web Development Firm

In these modern times, it is important for every business to establish a very strong online presence in order to be successful. It is because of the high demands among the customers and technological advancements that businesses have gone online. There are many businesses that have come up with their own websites for creating a very strong online presence. However, it is important to note that creating a website that is successful in drawing the attention of the online surfers and browsers is not easy. Therefore, more and more businesses are seeking professional web development services for attaining their objectives. Investing is a reputable and popular web development company can always help a business owner in enjoying business growth and higher revenues.

Why Hire the Services of a Web Development Company?

There are a number of reasons supporting the idea of hiring the services of a web development company and these have been detailed below:

  • Time and frustration are saved: Getting the website development task done by a good web development company helps in saving a lot of time. This is very different from in-house web development where the professionals need to learn the different aspects of CSS and HTML prior to developing a good website. Taking the services of a web development company also saves people from the frustration of having to learn different web languages.
  • Proper search engine optimization: The best web development companies have talented, skilled and expert professionals who have the ability of optimizing the websites that they develop in such a way that it gets good rankings on the search engine result pages. They have the right tools needed for carrying out the search engine optimization procedure in the most professional manner.
  • Competitiveness: A good web development companies always has the ability of creating websites that are appealing to the eyes of the users and are easy to use at the same time. They create websites in such a way that their clients always remain ahead of competition.